Monster Hunter Movie Image Reveals Slinger Weapon

Not too long ago, the actor Diego Boneta shared an image on his Instagram account that depicted him in the role of Sergeant Marshall for the forthcoming Monster Hunter movie, which led to many fans of the action-RPG franchise decrying design changes and choices that didn’t exactly capture the spirit of the video game series. Since this picture caused fans to worry that the movie wouldn’t be faithful to the source material, the film’s star, Milla Jovovich, recently shared a snapshot of her wielding the game’s Slinger weapon to show the attention to detail the film will have.

As seen in the post below from Jovovich, her character in the Monster Hunter film, Captain Natalie Artemis, will be wielding a Slinger that greatly resembles those found in the games, with the movie’s Props Master Kerry Von Lillienveld having taken care to make the wrist-wear’s structure accurate to the original. Instead of imbuing the weapon with any personality of its own, though, Von Lillienveld decided to give the Slinger a more rugged battle-worn look with a simple black, cast-iron texture.

Of course, while the Slinger does indeed look like a solid representation of those from the Monster Hunter games, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie’s story will be totally true to the source material. After all, Jovovich’s husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, is at the helm of the project, and despite the popularity of his past adaptations of video games for the silver screen–namely his Resident Evil films–they tend to be very loosely based on the plots from the games.

That said, though, with the Monster Hunter movie currently in production, it’s still far too early to pass judgment on what the final product will be like. After all, Jovovich will be supported by a solid cast of actors to bring the script to life. For instance, Ron Perlman, Meagan Good, Tony Jaa, and Calvin Clifford Harris, Jr. (AKA rapper T.I.) are all on board for the project, so at the very least, there could be some interesting rapport on-screen between each of these charismatic figures. At any rate, we will have to simply wait and see what transpires.

The Monster Hunter movie is currently without an official release date.

Source: Milla Jovovich – Instagram